Terms and Conditions

Atomic Concepts: Design – Terms and Conditions

1) A Deposit of 30% of the full cost is required – If you would like us to design your logo, an advanced payment of 30% is required in order for us to commence your logo designs.

2) Initial Designs – Each initial logo design will be designed in industry standard graphics and drawing packages and provided by email to the client in the form of a single PNG file for their approval and consideration.

3) Revisions – Once an initial design has been chosen as the preferred option, the client can specify revisions to the chosen initial to create a variant in terms of form, colour, font or text. A single revision may contain multiple options (i.e. viewing the logo design in several colours or with several different fonts), but we reserve the right to limit the scope of each revision to what we feel is reasonable.

4) Logo Finalisation – At any stage after the client receives the initial designs, they can approve any of the initial designs or design revisions and request that the artwork is finalised and supplied to them.  Once a logo has been finalised, if any further revisions or changes are requested, we reserve the right to make a charge at least £30 (dependent on the scope of the revisions required) to cover the time involved in the revisions and logo artwork refinalisation.

5) Copyright – Once the logo design project has been paid for by the client and the logo has been finalised, the client will gain full copyright of the final design. We will however retain copyright on all rejected and interim designs. We also retain the right to use the final design and/or rejected and interim designs in our online or offline portfolio or advertising. Also, from submission of a set of initial or revised logo designs, we can only guarantee that these designs will be available for a period of 14 days. After this if we receive no communications or instructions from the client we reserve the right to use the designs in whole or part for other projects. In circumstances where we have used a design element on another project, we will offer a new replacement design at our discretion.

1) Payment for design services – No deposit or other payment is required to commence a logo design project with Atomic Concepts. However, once the logo design project is complete and the client has selected a logo to finalise, we will require payment in full for the logo design phase of the project prior to finalising and releasing the logo artwork to the client. Payment is normally requested online via credit or debit card. If you prefer payment by cheque or BACS, please contact us on 020 838 6504 or info@atomicconcepts.com for more info. Please note, for payment by cheque or BACS, it would be necessary for the payment to clear before we can release the final logo artwork to the client.

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